Transfer Care

How to Apply Transfers

Great care should be taken when handling the transfers as the surface image is easily damaged.

Cut as close as possible to the image leaving little of no border.

Place image side up in clean cold water.

The transfer will curl up.

At this stage I gently straighten the transfer and return to the water.

30 seconds should be enough for the transfer to release, too long may result in complete separation from the backing which will make it extremely difficult to handle the transfer.

Place the entire transfer in the required position on the job and gently slide the backing paper from beneath the film.

Gently remove excess water and air bubbles with absorbent tissue and gently dab into final position.

If the transfer requires to be adjusted, this can be done immediately by use of a fine wetted brush.

Allow to dry completely for several hours.

I then brush on a coat of Acrylic varnish to the transfer being careful to seal the edges.

Not all varnishes are suitable and some may cause “crinkling” of the transfer.

I have found that a lot of spray varnishes react badly with the transfers.

Experiment on small areas to achieve a perfect job.

Microscale products & Johnsons Kleer work well.

For my range of signage, I get the best results by mounting them on white plastic card.